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At Tele-Therapies, we prioritize holistic well-being through our comprehensive approach to lung behavioural health, mental health, and occupational behavioural health services.

Lung Behavioural Health

Our specialized lung behavioural health services are designed to address the unique needs of individuals dealing with respiratory challenges. Whether you are navigating chronic respiratory conditions such as COPD, Asthma, Pulmonary fibrosis or recovering from surgery, or seeking support for improved lung function, we are dedicated to provide personalized care. We integrate evidence-based practices, breathing exercises, counselling therapy, mindfulness, and alternative therapies to enhance holistic lung health and overall well-being.

Mental Health

At Tele-Therapies, we understand that mental health is a critical component of overall wellness. Our mental health services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, offering counselling, therapy, and support for individuals facing challenges such as anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, and other mental health conditions. We offer compassionate care packages and work collaboratively with clients to develop effective strategies for coping, resilience, and personal growth.

Occupational Behavioural Health

Occupational health plays a crucial role in our overall well-being, influencing our daily lives and productivity. Our occupational behavioral health services are designed to address the unique challenges individuals may encounter in their work environments. Whether it's stress management, workplace relationships, or navigating career transitions, we  provide practical solutions that foster a healthy and fulfilling professional life.

About Tele-Therapies

We Are Here for You

At Tele-Therapies, we offer holistic well-being services focusing on lung, mental, and occupational health. We provide tools and interventions for chronic respiratory diseases and mental health issues, aiming to eradicate stigma. Our integrated approach ensures comprehensive care and balance in all aspects of life.

Expert Care

Empowering holistic well-being: expert care for body, mind, and profession.


Rest assured. Our therapist is registered with ICO and your data is protected.

Make your health a priority with Tele-Therapies 

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About Tele-Therapies

We Are Here for You

Expert Care

Empowering holistic well-being: expert care for body, mind, and profession.


Rest assured. Our therapist is registered with ICO and your data is protected.

At Tele-Therapies, we offer holistic well-being services focusing on lung, mental, and occupational health. We provide tools and interventions for chronic respiratory diseases and mental health issues, aiming to eradicate stigma. Our integrated approach ensures comprehensive care and balance in all aspects of life.

Make your health a priority with Tele-Therapies

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Founder's Message

I believe that holistic patient care should be a therapist first priority

Welcome to Tele-Therapies, where our commitment to your well-being is unwavering. Founded on the principles of compassion, innovation, and holistic care, we envision a healthier and happier future for all. Join us on this journey toward optimal health in mind, body, and occupation.

Devi Sundar( previously Known as Shakila Devi Perumal)

Devi Sundar



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Join Us In Fundraising

Support us through EasyFundraising

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Our therapist specializes in

Chronic Respiratory Disease

Cancer Care

Mental Health

Occupational Health & Wellbeing


Comprehensive Services

We offer a range of services to cater to diverse needs, including:

Live Video Consulting

Telephone Support Line

Email Support

Instant Chat

Online Training Courses

In-person Training Courses


Our training courses feature

Support Groups



Clinical Talks

Hybrid Events for Individuals and Organizations


What our clients says

Discover the inspiring stories of individuals who have experienced positive change and empowerment through Tele-Therapies’ holistic health solutions.

Services for Different Audiences

Your Happiness is An Essential

Tailoring health solutions for individuals, corporations, and educational institutions, our diverse offerings encompass personalized care, corporate wellness, and comprehensive programs fostering institutional well-being.


Lung Behavioural Health: Customized holistic wellness for individuals with chronic respiratory disease and lung wellness needs.

Mental Health: Expertly curated content for mental well-being.

BreatheThrive: How Better Breathing Can Transform Your Life. Click here

Corporate & Business

Health & Wellbeing Programs: Tailored solutions for corporate well-being.

Schools & Universities

Health & Wellbeing Programs: Encouraging a healthy lifestyle for academic success. Promoting a culture of well-being in educational institutions.

Why Choose Tele-Therapies

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

What sets Tele-Therapies apart is our commitment to an integrated approach. We believe that true well-being stems from addressing the interplay between lung health, mental health, and occupational health. We collaborate with interdisciplinary team to provide comprehensive and coordinated care, ensuring that individuals receive the support they need to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

At Tele-Therapies, we are passionate about fostering lasting positive change. Our services are rooted in empathy, evidence-based practices, and a commitment to empowering individuals on their journey towards holistic health. Whether you are seeking support for a specific health concern or striving to enhance your overall well-being or for your organisation’s well-being, Tele-Therapies is here to guide you every step of the way.

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Our Mission

  • Self Confident: Make you feel confident in your self-care
  • Quality of Life: Helping you improve your quality of life
  • Lung Health: Take action for your lung health and mental wellbeing challenges

Our Values

  • Expertise: Our expertise is committed to providing excellence in clinical standards and in customer service.
  • Personable: We tailor to individual needs and expectations in order to attain the highest personal wellbeing goals and lifestyle aspirations.
  • Inclusive: We are committed to providing high quality healthcare in an inclusive and accessible way.
  • Collaboration: We collaborate with diverse healthcare professionals and corporate partners to deliver quality results.

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Discover Solutions with Tele-Therapies

At Tele-Therapies, we empower individuals through friendly therapy services, guiding you towards resilience and growth as you conquer life’s challenges.

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Together, we'll set targets and guide you towards improved well-being

Our Blog

Blog & Articles

Explore our curated blog and articles covering holistic health, mental well-being, and respiratory care, offering valuable insights and practical tips for your well-being journey.

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Clearing Your Path to Understanding

Navigate your queries effortlessly with our concise FAQs, providing insightful answers to common questions about our comprehensive health services.


An invoice for your appointment will be issued once you book your slots. Unless an approved third party has guaranteed your account, it must be settled in full on the day of consultation or treatment. We can accept bank transfers. Bank transfers must be made at least 48 hours in advance so that funds are cleared to secure bookings.

Late Payment

Interest at the rate of 5% will be added to all invoices from the date they become due.

We will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to the above terms


Tele-Therapies does not enter into conditions, warranties or other terms in relation to the site or the Services (including any implied term relating to quality) or any guaranteed or predicted result.

We try to make sure that all information contained on this site (and provided by us to you as part of any Service) is correct, but we exclude all liability for any action you (your legal representatives, heirs) may take or loss or injury you may suffer (direct or indirect including loss of pay, profit, opportunity or time, pain and suffering, any indirect, consequential or special loss, however arising) as a result of relying on any information on this site or provided through any Service supplied by us to you.

In the majority of cases, we would expect to see immediate benefits after the two to six session, although occasionally, it may take a few sessions to really notice a difference.

Please bear in mind that on some occasions your symptoms may become temporarily aggravated following a session. This is perfectly normal, but it is important to feed this information back to your therapist.


Sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes in length. In order to accommodate each patient’s schedule and ensure the efficient operation of our practice, reserving time slots for treatments is very important. That time slot is held specifically for you. Forty-Eight (48) hours’ notice is required to CANCEL OR RESECHEDULE an appointment to avoid being billed for the full fee of the missed session. 48 hours of notice apply to 50% of charge. Only expections unexpected illnesses or emergencies.


We require your consent both for processing your data as well as to allow us to treat you. Your signature before treatment confirms that you:

Consent to information including medical details about you being processed for the purposes of your treatment as a private patient and the settlement of related expenses.

Consent to treatment by the physiotherapist/psychotherapist in attendance.

Consent to having details, which are relevant to your condition for which you are seeking treatment, shared with your GP/consultant

Do I need a referral?

Tele-Therapies believes in the WHO definition of “Health” and promotes “self-referral,” an individual’s autonomy and engagement in their own healthcare. A doctor’s or consultant’s referral is not necessary to see a therapist in private practice, although we frequently work in partnership with your doctor or consultant to plan and manage treatment for a specific condition.

What should I expect?

To begin, your healthcare professional will assess your condition, diagnose any problems and help you understand what is wrong. They will work with you to develop a treatment plan that best suits your positive health outcomes. Throughout your treatment program, your healthcare professional will evaluate your progress at regular intervals and modify your treatment and goals accordingly. Wherever possible, your therapist will also help you to manage your condition independently for the longer term.

How long are my appointments?

Depending on the type of treatment, your initial appointment will last from 30 to 60 minutes. Some complex conditions or treatment of multiple areas may require longer consultations; if this is the case your healthcare professional will discuss your options with you.

How do I schedule follow-up appointments?

During each session, your healthcare professional will discuss your treatment plan and suggest an optimal package. Then, at the end of each visit, you should check in with our administration team to re-schedule your next appointment.

Will I always have the same healthcare professional?

It is our policy to schedule you with the same healthcare professional over the course of your treatment. Occasionally, substitutions or referrals another member of the team, who has additional expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of your condition.

Where is your location?

We are based in Gloucester, but all our lung and mental health sessions are held online, via video, telephone, and chat support. We deliver webinars and workshops both online and in person for schools and corporate organisations.


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